Academy of Social Arts & Etiquette

Empowering young ladies

with confidence manners, and virtues 


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Daughter of the King

The mission of D.O.K. will be to inspire all who attend to live out Psalms 139:14 – “I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!”   I am purposeful,  bold, and confident because I know whose I am! 

Today’s children are influenced by a me first, material-based, techno-society where social media, crude cartoons, violent games and reality TV dominate.


The Daughter of the King program is dedicated to balancing the media’s influence by developing excellent social skills in young ladies ages 12-18. Our goal is to teach young ladies the importance of using proper etiquette, good manners and considerate behavior toward others. When children learn the importance of treating others with kindness, consideration and respect, they will be less likely to engage in bullying, and will model the behavior that will make them leaders in their schools and communities.

Class Fee Includes:

  • 4 Hours of Etiquette Instruction

  • A Dining Tutorial

  • Teaching 65 Table Manners

  • Illustrated Workbook

  • Award of Completion

  • Making Friends Easily

  • Choosing Good Friends

  • Making Introductions Speaking with Confidence Conversational Skills

  • Telephone Manners Safety & Strangers Church and School Manners

  • Being a Good Friend, Host and Guest Proper Greetings & Handshakes

  • Party Manners Honoring and Obeying Parents and Gods Other 9 Rules

  • Restaurant Manners Being a Good Sport Table & Dining Manners

  • Sibling Relationships Respectfulness Utensil Placement

  • Showing Appreciation & Being Thankful